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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Action Alert: Support senators standing up for honest debate on Roberts

Important stuff. You're going to see a lot from the left on this issue, but most Americans are going to see a whole lot more from the right. In fact, they're already hard at work trying to put the nomination in their terms. Here are their main bullet points:

1. Roberts is a sensible, mainstream choice, and any attempt to question him on his views of the judiciary are simply partisan attempts to make Bush look bad.

2. Clinton's nominee, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was a radical liberal. Nevertheless, Senate Republicans approved the selection.

Needless to say, this is pure hogwash. Roberts is anything but mainstream, and he could serve on the Supreme Court for up to forty years. Requiring him to explain his views to the American people isn't partisan, it's the responsible thing to do. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg was suggested to Clinton by none other than Utah Senator Orrin Hatch-- one of the most conservative GOP senators. And her voting record shows that she's the most moderate voice on the court.

The good news is that several Democratic senators are already taking action, and you can add your voice to the call-- the Democrats have to unite, and whether he's confirmed or not, they can't be permitted to give Roberts a pass.

Senator Patrick Leahy's No Rubber Stamp petition.

Senator John Kerry's call for questions and comments on our thoughts about the nomination.

Take five minutes to sign on. It matters.