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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Double Whammy: SCOTUS and 9/11

You just can't underestimate this administration's willingness to swipe pages from the totalitarian playbook when it comes to manipulating the news. Rove was on the ropes, with only 25% of the public thinking that the administration was cooperating with the investigation.

Then came three speeches by the prez in three days. That's gotta be a record. First we had the diplomatic photo-op with the Indian prime minister (took two questions). Then the SCOTUS nominee. And at this very monent, he's blathering about the importance of the Patriot Act (no questions)-- something that not even conservatives support in large numbers. But it allows him to repeat all the buzzwords he's counted on since 2001 to keep him afloat: 9/11, terror, freedom, liberty. You know the drill.

I'd say this shows that the White House is very, very concerned about Rovegate. And we'd better work hard to keep it in the news.

I thought I'd take a look at the Faux News homepage and Drudge to see what was happening. The word 'Rove' appears once on the former-- in a link to an attack on Joseph Wilson that repeats long-debunked claims. The word 'Rove' can't be found on Drudge's page. Instead he heads things up with a link to an Ann Coulter column in which she frets that Bush's nominee might be too liberal for America. She, too, repeats the usual GOP talking points. That Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a flaming liberal (who was actually suggested by right-wing Mormon senator Orrin Hatch of Utah), that the "vast majority" of Americans want Roe v. Wade overturned (about 60% want it upheld), etc. What reliable little soldiers the GOP has!