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Friday, July 22, 2005

The Culture of Va-va-voom...

While we live under the threat of terrorism, continue to watch our citizens and innocent Iraqis die every day, see the administration funnel homeland security money to small red-state towns in the Midwest rather than protect our ports and chemical facilities, see a militant group of reactionary theocrats try to wrest government away from the people... well, you get the idea. Anyway, the Dutch have other problems to worry about. I'd gladly trade.

Dutch police and park rangers have admitted they are powerless to stop a growing trend of outdoor sex orgies.

In the latest incident, a large group of people were found romping naked on a beach in the Bussloo area of the country.

They including 10 couples who were being "particularly boisterous" with each other while the others watched.

But police called to the scene admitted they were powerless to act despite numerous complaints from other beach users, and could only give the naked orgy lovers a verbal warning.

I'll level with you: I'm not really much for group sex in public, but I'd take it over a theocracy anyday.