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Friday, July 15, 2005

Arnie shows his GOP bona fides

Unfortunately, he's the Tom DeLay, "Duke" Cunningham, Roy Blunt, Bob Taft, Dick Cheney, Ken Lay sort of Republican.

Weeks after the Governator used product placement in a TV spot to push the products of some of his biggest donors, he vetoed a bill designed to prevent high schoolers from being exposed to 'nutritional supplement' ads in bodybuilding magazines.

Hey, he just supports free enterprise, right? More than you might have thought-- Arnie has a deal with those advertisers that nets him a million bucks a year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is being paid at least $1m (£567,000) a year as a consultant for fitness magazines, their publisher has revealed.

American Media Operations said the former actor, who is governor of California, was receiving 1% of the company's advertising revenue.