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Monday, June 27, 2005

See the GOP. See the GOP spin. Spin, GOP, spin.

Disturbing stuff. On CNN Friday, Dickhead Cheney decided to launch another salvo at Democrats for their continued effort to publicly speak the truth. Last week it was his jabs at Dean-- which gave Faux News the endlessly quoted line of the week. That flap was over Dean saying the GOP is largely a "white, Christian party," which outraged the 83% of the GOP that identify themselves as white Christians.

This time Cheney blithely lies about Senator Chuck Hagel, who had criticized the administration's handling of Iraq (as we all know, everything's just peachy there). How? By falsley tying Iraq to Afghanistan, and claiming-- incorrectly-- that "since 9/11, we've had people like Chuck Hagel and other politicians and we've had people in the press corps and commentators who've said we can't do Afghanistan."

Patently and demonstrably false. But eminently quotable, so you can expect to hear plenty of rightie pundits repeating Cheney's line. After all, they're just quoting what the guy said...