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Friday, June 24, 2005

How to title this post? Hmmmmm.......

This week, Rick "Spreading" Santorum (who's just dying to be elected to the presidency) was embarrassed-- or at least e-embarrassed-- by reversing his public position on the Bolton nomination within minutes of having a little White House talking-to.

Nevertheless, the avatar of Republican eagerness to retain power-- integrity be damned-- felt compelled to take a stand against Rove's proclamation that Democrat= terrorist.

This coming from the guy who boasted about spending an evening forcing his children to kiss a corpse (can't find a link, but it's straight from the gentleman's mouth, folks). It doesn't bode well for the right.

According to the post, Texan phony-baloney Kaye Bailey Hutchinson (who is rep0rtedly not running for re-election) has no problem agreeing with Rove that democratic and patriotic is an inherent paradox. That officially makes her a bitch and a half. (I was going to use the C-word, but you don't need my help to come to that conclusion-- just check out one of her carefully-orchestrated and shamelessly opportunistic appearances before the public.)