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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

WaPo: Deal "at best a cease-fire."

This is a good article on the initial results of the filibuster deal. It's frustrating to hear Lieberman talking about the victory of the "bipartisan center," which includes confirming several clearly unfit nominees, such as Priscilla Owen. Axing some blatantly incompetent nominees by approving those that are merely corrupt extremists doesn't really strike me 'centrism.'

The nuclear option is still a card in the GOP's hand, and judging from their track record it won't take much for them to reach for it in the future-- heck, we havent even seen a Supreme Court nominee yet. And the deal reached continues the sorry trend of defining centrism ever-more rightward. I can't get excited about the silver lining of "at least we haven't lost everything. Today."