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Monday, May 23, 2005

Action Alert: contact moderate GOP senators on nuclear option

It sounds more and more like the Republican attempt to silence the minority will take place tomorrow. If you are represented by any of the following senators, contact them through the numbers below. Leave it up to the far-right to be the foam-mouthed idiots. Shoot for "polite, yet firm" as you point out their potential complicity in the destruction of the republic. The fight isn't over yet, and the next 24 hours should make for some engrossing political theater. Undoubtedly the GOP still has a trick or two to play. But however things fall out, it's going to be close. And we can still win.

Arlen Specter: (Pennsylvania)
DC Office:

Philadelphia Office:

Pittsburgh Office:

John Warner: (Virginia)
DC Office:
(202) 224-2023

Richmond Office:
(804) 739-0247

Norfolk Office:
(757) 441-3079

Mike Dewine: (Ohio)
DC Office:
(202) 224-2315

Cleveland office:
(216) 522-7272

Columbus office:
(614) 469-5186

Chuck Hagel: (Nebraska)
DC Office:
(202) 224-4224

Omaha Office:
(402) 758-8981