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Monday, May 23, 2005

Dean on Meet the Press-- blogs and radio hosts give thumbs up.

I was impressed by Dean's appearance on Meet the Press yesterday, and I thought he did a great job responding to Tim Russert's goofy questions about the morality of poking fun at poor Rush Limbaugh for being a drug addict. It was pretty disgraceful, considering that Limbaugh has quite literally built an extremely successful career out of attacking others (whether falsely or correctly) for being anything less than candidates for sainthood-- but only if they're on the left, of course.

The blogs and the liberal radio hosts are giving the nod to Dean for standing his ground and refusing to play wet noodle for the sake of the right. The mainstream media, as Kos points out, was probably going to respond to his appearance one of two ways-- he's still a liberal bombthrower, or he's just one more flip-flopper. A lose-lose situation. And apparently most outlets (including the NYT) are going with the former.

For my part, I saw a man sticking to his guns and talking straight-- with plenty of evidence to support his claims. The link above will take you to a complete transcript of Dean's appearance. There's also a short clip on Crooks 'n Liars (10 megs):

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