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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More reports from the Libertarian front

Yesterday, I linked to a piece by Art SIlber that garnered much attention on liberal blogs. Today, I'm doing the same because he's written another excellent piece on the same topic- the suppression of the media by this administration. I'd toss in my two cents, but there's no need. Highly recommended reading.

From the post:

"Facts and reality again reasserted themselves for a moment with the Newsweek story—and the hawks have convinced themselves that a retraction will make the undeniable reality vanish, still another time.

And so it might, at least in their own minds. They will be able to return to the fables with which they comfort themselves. But in the meantime, in the real world, people continue to die, people continue to suffer horrible injury, our own troops continue to be brutalized by what they are asked to do, and more and more people throughout the world grow to resent and hate the United States.

Refusing to face and deal with facts carries a tragically high price. That price is exacted from all of those who are the victims of our actions abroad. Victims know what has happened to them, and they know why, and they know who did it.

And they talk. Word gets out. One story in Newsweek doesn’t matter. The truth, indeed, is out there—but Bush and his associates will continue to deny it, their enablers will continue to deny it, and our media will continue to deny it."