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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

McCain kisses soul goodbye

Senator John McCain, just about the only Republican out there that Democrats trust any more, has joined the dark side:

"McCain, speaking on ABC's "This Week," said he has not seen any evidence that the Bush administration manipulated evidence, but admitted that "certain serious mistakes [were] made."

"But I do not believe that the Bush administration decided that they would set up a scenario that gave us the rationale for going into Iraq," the Arizona Republican said."

No, McCain has been toeing the line and blaming the intelligence community. It's well-known that McCain has presidential hopes for 2008. And it's well-known that he's the least-favorite Republican of the kingmakers and their lackeys. After all, they really piled on in 2000, and the same folks are holding the reins today. So it's safe to say that his odds of earning the nomination aren't good at all.

That said, I suspect that McCain thinks he's opting for political expedience in the hope of doing important things later on. It's just that there probably isn't a 'later on' for the Arizona Senator. I'm afraid that he's sacrificing his integrity for nothing, and contributing to the further slide to the right of the GOP.