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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Republicans turn on Bolton

Some prominent Republicans are owning up to what Democrats have known from the start-- John Bolton is a kook, and better suited to a padded cell than a UN corner office. From the UPI story:

"Nine senior U.S. government officials -- some, like Carl Ford, known to be heavyweight Republican politicos and lobbyists -- all nominated by a Republican President and confirmed by a Republican Congress collectively made the argument that John Bolton's record of service and behavior make him "unfit" for the U.N. post. And behind the scenes -- lurking unofficially but offering cryptic signs of their own discomfort with Bolton -- have been former Secretary of State Colin Powell and his deputy, Richard Armitage, and even Brent Scowcroft.

On the record, these three titans of the Republican foreign-policy world will not attack Bolton. They all say he's smart, knows a lot about the U.N. and is qualified. But as Scowcroft so cleverly put it: "What matters most about John Bolton are the instructions he is given -- and whether he 'chooses' to follow them." Suffice it to say that despite an occasional nod to Bolton's intellectual fortitude, none of these three has signed a letter or statement endorsing him -- and privately they have made their concerns known to any senator who asks them."

Hopefully this will bite the adminstration in the ass. They've been their usual on-message selves, and the message was "we're behind Bolton 100%." Funny, because the rest of the world thinks he's a foam-mouthed imbecile.