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Thursday, May 12, 2005

ABC News: "Whatever."

There's been a lot of grumbling on the left over the fact that-- rather than covering actual news-- the media has been obsessing over some woman in Georgia who got nervous about her wedding. ABC's daily news roundup "The Note" (often cited as a standard morning ritual for journalists) acknowledges that the press is full of lazy goofs only concerned with "pure unadulterated entertainment." But doesn't really care.

"Brides gotta run, planes gotta stray, and cable news networks gotta find a way to fill a lot of programming hours as cheaply as possible. . .

We say with all the genuine apolitical and non-partisan human concern that we can muster that the death and carnage in Iraq is truly staggering.

And/but we are sort of resigned to the Notion that it simply isn't going to break through to American news organizations, or, for the most part, Americans.

Democrats are so thoroughly spooked by John Kerry's loss —- and Republicans so inspired by their stay-the-course Commander in Chief —- that what is hands down the biggest story every day in the world will get almost no coverage. No conflict at home = no coverage."