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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sorry, Voinovich-- half a conscience doesn't count.

I suppose it's something, but in the end it probably won't make any difference. Ohio Senator Voinovich's pleasant statement today about Bolton being an inappropriate nominee for the UN sounded good, but didn't come with any teeth.

Voinovich said that "[Bolton is] the poster child for what someone in the diplomatic corps should not be,'' and `Bolton would have been fired if he worked for a major corporation.''

But it doesn't really matter. Although Voinovich couldn't live with himself for supporting Bolton, his knack for self-preservation won the day. Voinovich won't be the lone Republican to keep the nomination from surviving the committee, and Voinovich gets to pass the buck. Bolton will almost certainly win confirmation on the Senate floor, but Voinovich can keep telling himself that he did the right thing.

The result? America's reputation will continue to sink around the world, we'll find it even harder to find allies in the future, and our reputation as a nation that cries wolf will be cemented.

UPDATE: Sounds like it's official. Bolton will go to the Senate floor with "no recommendation." Some bloggers seem to be hoping that this means more of Bolton's insanity will come to light and that Dems have the edge here. I doubt it-- if there's anything this administration does competently, it's stonewalling and concealing information.