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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Voinovich: this back was made for stabbin'

I can't believe I'm linking to the hackalicious National Review, but I wanted to provide yet another example of how the GOP is more than happy to destroy a fellow party member at the first hint of disobedience.

Enter John Voinovich, Ohio Senator. During the Bolton hearings yesterday, he prevented a Republican power play to force an immediate vote on the nomination. Shrewd, considering how much worse his nomination is looking these days.

Voinovich's crime? Saying that he wanted "more information" before voting on the matter.

That was enough to get him branded as a wimp, a sucker and an unreliable stooge, since any questioning of Bolton's record is nothing more than a groundless Democratic attack.

The right-wing blog Power Line chimed in, too, using words like 'slander' to describe the proceedings and 'ludicrous' to describe Voinovich's actions.

And it didn't even take 24 hours...

UPDATE: Move America Forward, the group behing pressuring theaters into refusing to screen Fahrenheit 9/11 has already put together an attack ad against Voinovich.