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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dean vs. Fowler for the DNC

I didn't know much about Don Fowler until this week, when he's gone on my two favorite Air America shows to state his case. And I really didn't like what I heard. He talked a good game about the changes the Democratic party have to make, but it came down to the same old story: we need to move to the right so that we can win rural voters. He took a few swipes at "latte-drinking" elitists, etc. Yawn. He also came across as a studied politician-- quickly changing course when someone called him on an issue. The Morning Sedition hosts actually called him "condescending" the day after his appearance. Ouch.

This has gotten the party out of control in all three branches of government. And we came damn close to winning the presidential election-- and everyone knows that incumbernts are always favored. But we came close in spite of Kerry's unwillingness to be a fighter. And got smashed in other federal races. We're not losing because the public demands that we imitate Republicans. We're losing because the Dems are allowing the administration, the press, and right-wing pundits to walk all over them without even trying to stand up for themselves. But look at how much attention Barbara Boxer has gotten in the last few weeks. It doesn't matter that she's being demonized by the right, because that's what they do to anyone they want to take down-- whether it's based in reality or not.

I still think Dean is the fighting man the Democrats need. At worst, the party won't be any worse off than we were under McAuliffe. And at best, it could revitalize the party by shaking out the craven pussycats who've been calling the shots. And win some elections. Give him a chance, I say. We have nowhere to go but up, and no way to move without making changes.