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Monday, January 31, 2005

As a matter of fact, I DO own the road...

Another DNC candidate has dropped out, and Dean is looking strong. There have been all sorts of rumors about the party establishment trying to block him, but check this out:

"Some senior Democratic operatives say unease about a Dean chairmanship is widespread among congressional leaders and many governors. But almost none of those grumbling privately have expressed their concerns publicly — in part, some believe, because they fear crossing the ardent grass-roots, Internet-activist community still backing Dean."

I'd call that encouraging news from the muckity-mucks. But then there's this bit:

"Skeptics are also concerned that Dean will use the chairmanship to establish himself as a competing voice to the party's elected officials. Among some party insiders listening closely, he raised eyebrows and anxieties Saturday when he suggested that as chairman he would feel free to criticize Democrats who veered from the dominant party position on several key issues."

Dean isn't a dope-- but look at how many Dems are refusing to stand up for things they support, like Social Security? Having sissy-boys like Lieberman talk conciliation as the GOP runs roughshod over the nation isn't doing anything for us but help us keep losing. And how could anyone complain if he took after some nutjob like Zell Miller? He's a Fox employee now, for Pete's sake!