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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Unpaid Propagandists

Apparently the group "Talon News" (the name virtually screams right-wing kooks, no?) has managed to get some White House press corps credentials. And they're using them to make the prez look good. By lying. In fact, top-tier douchebag Jeff Gannon has even been feeding the prez fake quotes to boost his image. Gannon borrowed a line from Rush Limbaugh-- who has since revealed the theft:

"Limbaugh continues: 'What makes me think that the reporter was listening to [my] program is that Harry Reid never actually said "soup lines." That is my characterization of their portrayal of America. He never actually said it. He just describes circumstances reminiscent of soup lines.'"

So the question is, who gave a couple of right-wing hacks press credentials? And in light of the revelation that at least three right-wing hacks have been on the government payroll, what will be done to clean up this corruption?

On a personal note, how many Republicans do you know who still stick up for this administration? I've been meaning to write that during Christmas, when I was home with the family, I was surrounded by Repubs. Half the family, to be precise. And although they love to take potshots at my liberalism, I didn't hear anyone gloating over W's second term. I think they're all smart enough to be a little nervous about it.