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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Party of Family Values

Here are a couple of squeaky-clean 2004 contributors to the GOP-- Fox Broadcasting (which strangely enough gives more money to the Dems, although they put $430,000 in Repub coffers), Hooters ($57,521), and such purveyors of Demon Rum as Coors ( $186,283) and Anheuser-Busch ( $488,720).

Columbia House, the people who brought you the CD/DVD club (formerly the 8-track and cassette club) contributed 100% of their $22,000 to the GOP last year, and they have a bit of an announcement to make. They just hope that the right isn't paying any attention.....

The headline: Columbia House Plans Porn Club

Shrewd, yet hypocritical. That's pretty much the mantra of the right these days, no?