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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Looking back at the Ohio vote challenge

I haven't said much about what took place. I'm glad that Rep. Jones and Sen. Boxer did what they did. I'm disappointed that more Democrats didn't step in to make it more of an issue. I'm annoyed that the Repubs felt compelled to dismiss the issue* with their usual playbook of scorn and ridicule. In other words, it all played out according to everyone's expectations.

But this article at Flakmag does a splendid job of breaking it all down for us. Recommended reading. And yet another look at how the right keeps winning by using playground bully tactics-- while the left keeps deciding that the only answer is to ignore the problem in hopes that it will disappear (ATTN: it won't).

In a shameful example, GOP Rep. Candice Miller said "How interesting that their challenge does not mention the Democratic group ACORN which submitted vote registrations for dead people that used 25 different addresses for the same individual." So let me get this straight. The GOP has allegations of voter fraud, too-- but chooses to ignore them?!? This should be a scandal. Typically, it's a non-issue. And only two members of Congress felt compelled to do something about it.