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Friday, January 14, 2005

More W Disingenuousness

This is worth a laugh, too. From Noam Scheiber's blog on The New Republic's website:

I was struck by the following detail in today's Wall Street Journal profile of incoming national security adviser Stephen Hadley:
In personal style, Mr. Hadley has far more of the button-down Ivy League aesthetic of Bush 41 than the swagger of Bush 43. The younger Mr. Bush has chided Mr. Hadley for wearing penny loafers to cut brush at the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas--a charge Mr. Hadley denies.
Struck because, when I recently read Bill Minutaglio's Bush biography, First Son, I could have sworn I came across several passages in which Bush was ridiculed by authentic Southerners for wearing ... penny loafers. As in, "Bush surprised the GOP campaign workers in the Deep South with his Yankee affectations, his alien, preppy way of wearing penny loafers without any socks'" (page 143). And, "Holton looked down and noticed that Bush was wearing one blue sock and one green one. He Scotch taped the tassels onto his loafers" (page 168). And, "[H]is coteacher, Becky Ferguson, was shocked to see those same preppy loafers, with the tassels still Scotch-taped to them" (page 200).

I guess no one writes all their own material anyway.

(Man, I'm really learning to love that Amazon "search inside" function.)

In a word-- douche. Although it is kinda fun to see them switching the story from W the tenderfoot to W the seasoned "brush-clearer."