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Monday, December 13, 2004

A thing of hypocrisy is a joy forever....

Here's a little holiday cheer for you. As most of you have heard, Kerik is a washout for being a Hollywood-style 'dirty cop.' Now howsabout some hypocrisy courtesy of his ex?

Publisher Judith Regan was Kerik's nookietoy for a while. While he was married. And while she was married. And while he had another mistress to boot. Lovely. But she has a record of her own-- as being a moral crusader in the mold of drug addict Rush Limbaugh and phone sex enthusiast Bill O'Reilly. Here are some of her choice quotes, courtesy of Eschaton and good ol' Fox News:

Ms. REGAN: Well, I think that the social fabric of this country has become completely unraveled. I think the sexual revolution had a lot to do with that. I think that we are in terrible shape. I think we have a country where half the kids are being raised by single mothers. A lot of that has to do with male behavior. We look at the men in this country who do not want to be accountable to their wives, do not want to be accountable to their children and we have as a president a man who could be a symbol of everything that is good; he could be a wonderful husband, he could be a wonderful father. He is in a position of great authority to show this country and to lead this country in a way that is much more important than economically.

Ms. REGAN: We can conquer others with force but to conquer ourselves we need strength.' And this is really what we need in America today. We need to conquer our own impulses. We need to understand that we can't act on them all the time because it feels good for us. We have to care about the other.