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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Halloween Gets Scary

Not the fun, spooky kind of scary. The disturbing kind. Here are a couple of horror shows that will make the flesh crawl right off of your bones.

Frontline- Rumsfeld's War

More from hose wacky liberals at the New York Times. Those nutty lefties are actually reporting research funded by a white supremacist group to boost Bush! Hahaha-- wait, that's not funny. Or leftist.

UPDATE: Tom Brokaw repeated this claim in an interview with Kerry! Absurd.

A report by a member of the Senate Armed Service Committee finds that (gasp!) the administration pretty much knew all along that there were no ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda. But Bush said it yet again this week!

If you can't get to sleep tonight, try watching a horror movie. "Cannibal Holocaust," for example. Much more relaxing than this waking nightmare.