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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Conservatism Reborn

It's nice to see the stirrings of Republicans who have had enough of their party being run like an old-school political machine. As I like to say, I never had a problem with Republicans until the mid-80s, when the party went from being fiscally conservative protectors of individual and state rights to being the enforcers of laissez-faire capitalism and fundamentalist Christians. The current Republican party isn't about conservative values-- it's about promoting money and religious authority.

Enter the Bull Moose, and Marshall Wittman. A staunch supporter of John McCain, he is reintroducing his blog, and I like it. It gives me hope that a day might be coming when Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert and John Ashcroft will no longer be the face of conservatism in America, and that the choice in elections will no longer be between the left/centrist Democrats and the corrupt minions of the (dare I say) fascist-leaning GOP.

From the site:

"The Bull Moose advocates a progressive poltics of national greatness that promotes a strong national defense, economic justice, political reform and national service. The Moose hopes that Democrats, Republicans and Independents who share this vision will join together to forge a new politics that defies the current partisan polarization."

Check it out, folks. Conservatism without evil. What a breath of fresh air.