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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Republicans for Kerry

I'm swiping this list from And this is just one section of the page linked to in the title. Have a look, won't you?

Charley Reese, conservative columnist/journalist, Orlando Sentinel (1971-2001)
Lee Iacocca, former Chrysler Chairman
Russell E. Train, EPA chief under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford
Various Republican Business Leaders
Gail Slocum, former Republican Mayor of Menlo Park, California
Clay Myers, Republican Secretary of State (1967-77) and State Treasurer (1977-84) for Oregon
Bill Rutherford, former Treasurer of Oregon and Chair of the Oregon Investment Council
George Comstock, Mayor of Portola Valley, California
Mike Cobb, former Republican Mayor of Palo Alto, California
Pete McCloskey (editorial here), former Republican Representative from California
John Eisenhower, son of former Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Steve May, former Republican state legislator from Arizona
Jon Silver, former Republican Mayor of Portola Valley, California
John A. Galbraith, former Republican Ohio General Assemblyman
David Catania, Republican (now Independent) Councilman from Washington, D.C.
Clyde Prestowitz, counselor to Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Commerce
Rick Russman, former Republican State Senator from New Hampshire
Marshall Wittmann, former communications director to Arizona Senator John McCain
Elmer L. Andersen, former Republican Governor of Minnesota (1961-63)
Ballard Morton, son of Thurston Morton, former Republican Senator from Kentucky
Anne Morton Kimberly, former Republican Representative from Maryland
William Milliken, former Republican Governor of Michigan (1969-82)
Marlow Cook, former Republican Senator from Kentucky (1968-74)
Peter Gillette, former Republican Commissioner of Trade for Minnesota (1991-95)

I guess the GOP equivalent would read 'Zell Miller, Democrat Senator from Georgia.' See my previous post. Hopefully the revolution I mentioned is actually on the way.