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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Yech Files

Among the many things that mystify me about the reactionaries in charge of the GOP these days are the battles they choose to fight. Global warming denial is a good example. Unless you're on the payroll of an oil company, what stake do you have in claiming that 98% of the world's scientists can and are wrong about it? Another is the viciousness of the opposition to the SCHIP program the preznit vetoed and any form of universal health care. The idea that giving kids their booster shots will herald the age of Marxism in America is every bit as silly as claims that introducing flouride into drinking water would the age of Marxism in America. "Sure, it may cheaply prevent a million or so cavities, but what good are teeth in a gulag, Mr. Stalin?!?" These days, anyone who suggested that we ditch that plan in the name of freedom would rightly be considered a raving lunatic. And a stupid one at that.

But here's something equally mystifying about these folks: kinky sex. Peccadilloes are one thing. Amusing fetishes are kinda funny. But then there's over-the-top, flipped-out stuff that hurts others. Like the rash of conservative pedophiles the last few years have witnessed, or the horrors of the BTK killer. Or the closet cases who wreck their families because they can't own up to their actions. Or that other category: freaky ministers.

Aldridge, 51, was found dead inside his home about 10 a.m. June 24. He had served as pastor of Thorington Road Baptist Church since 1991.

Forensic results indicate Aldridge was alone at the time of his death, the police release states. A report by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences states the final pathological diagnoses for Aldridge’s death as “accidental mechanical asphyxia,” according to the release.

Montgomery County District Attorney Ellen Brooks had sealed the Aldridge case after an initial autopsy conducted by Dr. Stephen Boudreaux, a medical examiner, was sent to Forensic Sciences on July 13. Boudreaux’s report stated Aldridge died of asphyxiation and there were no injuries to his body.

That's the family-friendly account. You can follow the link for the salacious details, you perverts.