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Friday, October 19, 2007

When politicians tell the truth!

Regarding the SCHIP veto and razor margin that upheld that veto, one Republican Congressman laments that the demise of the healthcare program could ruin lives. No, not the lives of sick and injured kids, you rube! The lives of Republican Congressmen!

But some Republicans, like Representative Thomas M. Davis III of Virginia, who was chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee when Mr. Bush ran for election in 2000, were furious with Mr. Bush for putting them in such a difficult spot on children’s health.

“He’s not going to get his way on this,” said Mr. Davis, who voted to override the veto and predicted that Mr. Bush would ultimately be forced to sign a measure similar to the one he rejected.

“And he’s jeopardizing people’s careers,” added Mr. Davis, who is contemplating a race for the Senate.