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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Have you considered the violin?

Things aren't going well for BushCo now that the long-ignored evidence of their crimes is getting the attention it deserves. You'd expect a list to follow that, from wiretapping to WMD claims, to the politicization of the DOJ, FDA and NASA. But I'll leave it at just those five. Funny, isn't it, how Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice remains so untainted by scandal? Not really-- all you've got to do is keep on fiddlin'.

It started with a few lessons in Washington, blossoming into a love affair. Now we didn't know about this because Rice chooses to play out of the public eye with friends, like on the three golf courses at Andrews Air Force Base. She even carries her clubs on diplomatic trips to Asia so that she can get in a few holes during long layovers in Hawaii. . .

"She would very much like to do what she can to raise awareness of golf as a sport," says her aide.

Now that's a noble goal worthy of a Bush crony. It's high time someone addressed the public's flawed perception of golf as a Mediterranean salad.

I just hope the tabloid prose and talk of 'Condi-for-prez' is meant sarcastically, because the last thing we need is another president known primarily for failing upward.