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Monday, June 18, 2007

Wow... they broke that law too, huh?

The Congressional Oversight Committee, chaired by a certain tenacious man known as Henry Waxman, hasn't put out a new report on the Department of Justice scandal. Nope. They're looking at a completely different abuse of power that taints multiple branches of government. Instead of the judicial and executive, this time it's the legislative and executive. Wouldn't want anyone to feel excluded, after all.

I'll just post his headers, in the interest of space, but all the details are there.

The crime: White House officials made extensive use of their RNC e-mail accounts. [To conduct official government business, that is.]

The lie: The number of White House officials given RNC e-mail accounts is higher than previously disclosed.

The cover-up: There has been extensive destruction of the e-mails of White House officials by the RNC.

The corruption: There is evidence that the Office of White House Counsel under Alberto Gonzales may have known that White House officials were using RNC e-mail accounts for official business, but took no action to preserve these presidential records.