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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...and we'll have a subpoena of fun.

The thing that makes blogging such an exercise in frustration is that all too often, it's about one of two stories: corruption and/or disinformation. When it works as it's supposed to, it can really be a thing of beauty. The story of the DOJ scandal started in the progressive blogs, and it threatens to do as much to bring down this rotten administration as anything else. While "professional journalists" initially sneered at the story as a ridiculous, blogosphere conspiracy theory, they at least got the conspiracy part right-- the administration, its "useful idiots" culled from fundamentalist schools (now there's a paradox for you) and the Federalist Society, and the party faithful across the nation were perfectly comfortable turning the United States justice system into a network of GOP enforcers. "Hey, mister, drop that criminal investigation and start suppressing the vote. Or else...."

Hearings are underway, and even as the White House connection to the affair grows stronger every day, Fearless Leader boldly contends that this is all some sort of delusion. And he's right, but not because the reams of documents, lists of e-mails and contradictory testimony are imaginary. Harriet Miers, who Bush once nominated as the most qualified person in the nation to sit on the Supreme Court has now been handed a congressional subpoena for her role in helping to subvert justice, violate the law, and deny American citizens the right to vote.

I suppose this is how actual conspiracy theorists feel all the time. You keep pointing out something so self-evident, so sinister.... and the very people who should be paying the most attention are the ones most determined to ignore you. But I'm the one who enlisted to be a foot soldier in the blogging army, after all. Time to soldier on.