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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hack White House Nominee of the Week

Have you ever heard an announcement of one of BushCo's nominees and not groaned aloud with some mix of fatalism and despair? Of course you have-- you just looked up the person's background and then groaned aloud.

Well, this is another nominee who's withdrawn his name from consideration for the same reason he was put forth in the first place: he's an inept, blindly partisan hack.

William Mercer, the Acting Associate Attorney General, asked President Bush today to withdraw his nomination to be the permanent No. 3 official in the Justice Department, “saying it was unlikely that the Senate would confirm him to a post he has held on an interim basis since September.”

Mercer, who is also the current U.S. attorney in Montana, is enmeshed in both the U.S. attorney scandal and the politicization of the Justice Department. He reportedly told fired U.S. attorney Daniel Bogden of Nevada that his dismissal was “to make room for others to gain experience so the Republican Party would have a strong bench of candidates for federal judgeships.”

Next step: wait for the recess appointment.