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Friday, June 29, 2007

BushCo set to smash another record!

And predictably, it will just contribute to their legacy of infamy and neo-fascism.

President Bush, who's never been a fan of that annoying "advice and consent" notion the Framers favored -- a majority of whom even wanted the Senate, not the president, to appoint executive branch officials -- is a firm believer in the beauty and simplicity of recess appointments. And he's on pace to set a record for the number of such appointments, as the accompanying chart shows.

As of June 4, Bush had filled 105 full-time positions with recess appointments. At a comparable point in his presidency, President Bill Clinton had used his recess appointment powers to install 42 people in full-time jobs. (And by then Clinton had dealt for four years with a GOP-controlled Senate.)

But Clinton accelerated the pace in December 1999 and by the end of his presidency had filled 95 full-time jobs and 45 part-time slots (on boards, commissions, councils and such) for a total of 140.

Bush has already named 171 people to full- and part-time jobs, and he's just entering the high season for presidential recess appointments -- the closing months of a presidency. President Ronald Reagan recessed 243 people to full-time and part-time jobs in his two terms -- 84 of them in his last year in office.

Wow, Bush may have even found another way to establish himself as the true heir to Reagan's legacy. Maybe he can proclaim sodium and tobacco to be vegetables, too.