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Monday, June 25, 2007

And now, something we hope you'll REALLY like...

This ought to go down pretty easy after a week's worth of unpleasant news crammed into one singly morning. Ezra Klein appeared on Larry Kudlow's CNBC show along with some dumbass who boasts about having made several short films rebutting Michael Moore's SiCKO. Which he also states he hasn't seen. Now that's credibility.

Klein is dynamite. He has full command of the facts, he responds quickly and non-evasively to every point brought up, and makes the other two look like utter morons.

But here's the rub: Kudlow and the other guy did exactly what their Fox counterparts and talk-radio blowhards do every day. That is, they A)try to hijack the debate right out of the gate with condescending sneers, B) eliminate periods from their speech to prevent rebuttals, C) sputter magical right-wing terms like "free market," "you liberals," "tax deduction" and "socialism," D) talk over Ezra (loudly) to repeatedly utter the exact same sentence, while he's actually talking policy, and finally E) demand that he stop being so rude and give them a chance to speak. I'm beginning to understand why so many cable shows only feature pretend liberals. But unlike those shows, the result is a complete evisceration of the sloganeering, fact-free thuggery of the wingers. And as long as progressives are denied the chance to speak, they can at least hope to make their opponents look like nimrods.

Watch. Savor. Repeat as needed.