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Monday, April 02, 2007

Treason, actually.

The official-sounding Media Research Center has dedicated itself to singling out instances of hate speech and anti-American sentiment for observation. Here's a recent example:

"Americans are puzzled over why so many people in the world hate us. We're trying to protect ourselves with more weapons. We have to do it, I guess, but it might be better if we figured out how to behave as a nation in a way that wouldn't make so many people in the world want to kill us."

This incendiary piece of anti-American rhetoric is clearly designed to lend aid and comf-... Wait. The Media Research Center? Hmmmmm....... (strokes chin thoughtfully as harp music plays)

The Media Research Center, the right wing's premier sniffer of liberal bias, had its awards show last night. It was a hotel ballroom affair with tuxedos and fancy flower arrangements and a keynote address by Rush Limbaugh, who accepted an award for "Media Excellence." Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity could not make it because they were sick.

The annual MRC awards show is generally a lighthearted affair, a time for like-minded ideologues to shower each other with praise and make common cause against the unseen pinko minions who supposedly inhabit the nation's newsrooms and labor every day to flush America down the toilet. Most of the awards go to liberal pundits and so-called liberal journalists for saying things critical of President Bush and his policies. . . .

I was caught by the criticism rained down upon Andy Rooney of "60 Minutes," who was nominated for the "God, I Hate America Award."

That's right. Suggesting we adopt a foreign policy more sophisticated than unilateralism is now considered 'America-hating' by the nations most prominent conservative intellectuals.