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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guided By Voices

Since I was talking about the cultish mentality of today's GOP, this Harold Meyerson article seemed worthwhile:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' hour-long meeting on sacking federal prosecutors took place after the election. The subsequent sacking took place after the election. The videoconference between leaders of the General Services Administration and Karl Rove's deputy about how to help Republican candidates in 2008 [which is illegal], according to people who attended the meeting, took place Jan. 26 this year.

Lo and behold, they did it again just this afternoon as Kyle Sampson was giving damaging testimony-- under oath-- to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

A Senate Judiciary Committee source tells ThinkProgress conservatives objected to the hearing lasting beyond two hours, but then backed down after realizing it was a huge strategic blunder. [Senator Patrick] Leahy explains: “Just so people can understand what’s going on here. The lack of permission going forward has now been changed. I had raised questions and the — whatever objection there was on the Republican side has been withdrawn, so that we can continue."

So is this the day when they finally realized that the Senate floor is more than just a right-wing fiefdom? Naaah. Just the usual strongarm thuggery that triggered someone's instinct for self-preservation. Think about it: a Republican was giving testimony that made the GOP look bad, so they tried to stop the hearing.

In other words, "GOP attempts to subvert government still not newsworthy."