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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Creeping Terror-- Week Two!

In spite of fighting valiantly all last week (and avoiding the high life this weekend), I'm finally giving in to illness. Nothing too serious, but I'm pretty lacking in energy. Which is a shame, because so many stories of the administration's malfeasance are breaking these days that it could be remembered as the time this bunch of crooks finally toppled over. Yeah, I know, if it hasn't happened during any of the previous dozen or so scandals, why now? Maybe it shows the incredibly importance of the Bush family's insistence on loyalty, loyalty, loyalty-- ideologues can be mighty handy to have around when you need a patsy.

ITEM! White House implicates Rove in US Attorney scandal.

ITEM! Lt. General Kiley 3rd officer to go over Walter Reed scandal.

ITEM! Joe Conason: In addition to Karl Rove and (at least) 3 GOP Congressmen, Alberto Gonzales should go over the US Attorney scandal.

ITEM! Bush's SOTU promise of earmark transparency? Broken in under six weeks.