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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday.... funny?

What's the big story today? Right-wing comedy! Fox has released some footage from the upcoming show 'The 1/2 Hour News Hour." Sure, the title is stolen. Sure, they're taking format cues from Saturday Night Live. Of course, Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny in at least a decade, and the new show threatens to squeeze a decade's worth of unfunniness into each 24-minute show.

President Limbaugh! And you'll never believe who the veep is! Wotta scream! Those two aren't afraid to aver their Christian piety, either, so you know there'll be no sacred cows on this daring foray to the cutting edge of comedy. Oh, and El Rusho even uses 'Democrat party' instead of Democratic-- take that, lefties!

Barack Obama! He admitted to using cocaine! Like Marion Barry, who was also black! And besides having a middle name synonymous with Islamo-fascism, his first and last initials are BO! As in (snicker) body odor!

The thing about satire is that everything is a target. Including the satirists. That's what makes it funny. It's out to reduce sacred cows to roadkill, the more arrogant and pompous the better.

But no one is surprised that Fox's show is propaganda with a laugh track. Or that the affable hosts appear visibly uncomfortable as they read the cue cards. Or that it isn't funny in the least. Criticism is coming not only from the left, but the right as well. I'm sure there are rave reviews out there, too, but I'm not sure the curiosity (a la car wreck rubbernecking) of seeing right-wing bloggers try to polish that turd is powerful enough to counteract that unpleasant feeling that comes with seeing delusional zealots.

Nope. Fox's attempt at comedy, as predicted, borders dangerously on self-parody. Like opening the montage that accompanies the Obama story with two shots showing cheering all-black crowds-- who may or may not be at Obama events. Or in America, for that matter. The crowds actually with Obama are cheering whites. Then there was Limbaugh's STRONG EMPHASIS on his GOD BLESS AMERICA line. It's just kinda sad.