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Thursday, July 27, 2006

US agreement to increase India's nuke production

Two days ago, news emerged that Pakistan was working to build a plutonium-production plant-- and that the White House concealed the information from Congress.

Now the Independent reports that the administration's arrangement for giving nuclear technology to India would allow them to increase nuclear warhead production by fifty a year.

The US House of Representatives was set to vote yesterday on a nuclear deal with India that threatens to fuel a nuclear arms race in Asia. The deal, a centrepiece of the Bush administration's foreign policy, comes as the US is pressuring Iran and North Korea to halt their nuclear programmes.

Under the deal, the US will sell India nuclear fuel and technology for civilian purposes, in exchange for India putting most of its reactors under international safeguards. But a former head of Indian intelligence has said publicly the deal will allow India to produce 50 more nuclear warheads a year than it can now, by freeing up existing uranium reserves for military use.

It's pure neocon policy. While the rest of the world is justly concerned with the proliferation of nukes and a second arms race (Mmmmm.... can't wait to live in fear of nuclear annihilation again), the BushCo cabal is doing everything they can to speed it up. To think, in late 2004 Bush agreed with Kerry in their debates that loose nuclear materials were the greatest threat posed to the US.