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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Colbert takes a potshot at morning shows

After Fox took his jokey interview with US Representative Robert Wexler and predictably turned it into an attack on the Democratic Congressman, Stephen Colbert used the opportunity to totally ignore them. Instead, he took a look at the Today show and Good Morning America, who also reported on his interview. Their approach wasn't quite as bad as Fox, but still pretty braindead. Sort of a tut-tutting, "Oh my, isn't it a good thing that we're bright, serious people who are above that nonsense, dear viewer?" approach.

I never thought of morning shows as much more than sanitized TV versions of 'Morning Zoo' radio, but Colbert's writers really run with it. Starting with the shows' rather sanctimonious take on the Colbert Report, we're treated to a montage of high-minded morning journalism (keep in mind that Katie Couric graduated from the Today show to the anchor chair of CBS evening news), from the classic staged footage of a reporter rowing through six-inch deep floodwaters to a game of Texas Hold 'Em with a chimpanzee. Good stuff.