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Saturday, July 15, 2006



This picture is making the rounds in a big way, and you'll undoubtedly be seeing a lot more of it in the coming week. Or month. Or year. But I don't yet know the context-- and I'd look like a total spaz, too, if I were suddenly handed, say, a crapping infant. It's been attributed to the Associated Press, though, and should make for a nice contrast with the widely-disseminated footage of Vladimir Putin kissing a young lad on the tum-tum.


The potential for tasteless gags is limitless. But I'm not much for NAMBLA jokes, or even observations on the timeless political lessons of how not to kiss babies when you're a prominent world leader. Sure, it'd be easy to make a crack about Bush's first and only genuine reaction to a shitty situation. And it wouldn't take any effort at all to suggest a caption like "Visions From The Seventh Circle of Ann Geddes Hell." Just sit back and absorb the weirdness. In case of vomit, don't forget to brush your teeth. And if you're in the mood, suggest your own ideas in the comments. It's been months since I encouraged a 'name that photo' competition. No Michael Jackson jokes, please. Unlike Putin or G-Dub, he's kinda eccentric and strange, so it isn't a fair comparison.