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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Signing statements revisited

Although the press has done very little since the Boston Globe's Charlie Savage broke the story in April, there have been some articles appearing, such as this AP story dated today.

Bush come up with more than 750 of them, and although the practice has been around a long time, Fearless Leader has more signing statements to his discredit than all previous presidents combined, and has used them in very different ways. As the AP story notes, they are often administrative in nature-- dealing with how to put a law into effect. Bush, on the other hand, often uses them to state that he is free to disregard the law in question.

Dan Froomkin's piece looks at the scant coverage of the issue, questions the press and lawmakers should be demanding of the administration, and whether or not the signing statements truly represent an attempt by this administration to subvert the Constitution.