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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday Funny: Really Inconvenient Truths

It's been a while since I linked to a bit from Something Awful, but this dovetails nicely with my previous post on Al Gore's film. And if you've gone to see An Inconvenient Truths, it could help ease the depression quite a bit. 'Till you reach the last highly schmientific item on the list and start thinking about Gore's movie again.

Welcome to Hell
The largest subterranean cavern is believed to be the Pacific Cavity. Located almost two miles beneath the surface of the Pacific, this cavern system was detected by ground penetrating radar in 2000 and covers at least 48 square miles. Some scientists believe it was formed as an immense methane pocket vented into the ocean and that much of it remains dry.
Caveat: There is a 100% chance that whatever is living inside the Pacific Cavity is scary as shit.

This post is dedicated to the infinitesimally small but non-zero probability that I'll have a torrid affair with Natasha Gregson Wagner, semi-official achingly beautiful involuntary pseudo-mascot of the Daily Sandwich blog. (Pssst! Call me!)