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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Action Alert: GOP moves to axe Sesame Street. Again.

Dealing with the neo-fascists is like playing an early-80s video game. You can destroy a wave of aliens, resuce the girl from the gorilla, or get all your frogs across the highway, but no sooner have you won than it starts all over again.

ANWR drilling, dismantling Social Security, and de-funding PBS are policies the public is overwhelmingly against, but each time they're defeated the GOP just starts the ball rolling again.

The House has once again voted to take all funding from public television and radio. The last time they did this, MoveOn managed to collect more than one million signatures in support of public broadcasting-- and Republicans backed down. Shouldn't be too tough to do it again, right?

So follow the link and please add your name. Then share the link. Then ask yourself why these assholes are still in power.