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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Insanity, American Style

Focus on the Family's Jim Dobson wrote a commentary on gay marriage for CNN. And they posted it online. But, since Tim Grieve dissected it so ably in Salon's War Room blog, I'm linking to that piece instead of Dobson's wacked-out essay. It's highly recommended reading on a number of levels-- the anti-gay doomsaying relies on blatant falsehoods, shameless hyperbole and even a dose of (dishonest) Clinton bashing. It's fact free, demagogic, and a perfect example of the tactics the neo-fascists have been using to win elections. Grieve tears it to ribbons.

In fact, Grieve's article is so on-target, I'm having trouble finding any salient points to add. One thing that he only touches on briefly is the fact that it's a warning shot to Republicans from Dobson (and the fundies he represents). While there's no chance of his ilk casting ballots for Democrats after the decades spent demonizing them through groups like the Moral Majority, the theocrats' frustration with Republicans could wind up lowering their turnout at the polls. Especially in races where nervous Republicans are trying to keep their seats by rebuffing the most extreme elements of the party (read: James Dobson). It would certainly be sweet to see them hoist by their collective petards for courting these madmen in the first place.

Dobson says that a better measure of public opinion comes in the form of ballot initiatives that have outlawed gay marriage on a state-by-state basis -- but that "arrogant activist judges, most of them appointed by President Bill Clinton or President Jimmy Carter, will simply overturn the will of the electorate." Well, let's see. When the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of marriage rights in 2003, its 4-3 decision was written by a justice appointed by two Republican governors, and two of the three judges who joined in the decision were appointed by Republicans, too.

I won't even mention the sheer rubber-room lunacy of Dobson's assertion that outlawing gay marriage is a more important cause now than ending slavery ever was-- you should enjoy that yourself.