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Friday, March 31, 2006

Which immigration plan is right for me?

Wonder no more-- Congress has been falling all over itself trying to grab the edge on this issue, and the PDF document linked to above will help make some sense of at least seven proposals. There's plenty of overlap, but it's still a devil's cocktail (I love that expression) of ideas that may work. Or may not.

I haven't written about the issue much because I'm just not very familiar with the history or policy of it. But it needs to be talked about, so here you go. 100% free of uninformed commentary on my part.

I do feel comfortable commenting on two proposals, however. I'm pretty sure 'Operation Gigantic Wall' would be a bust. And the idea that the Bush administration could track down, round up, and transport eleven million people anywhere is a joke (why, yes, I am thinking of Katrina). A very, very expensive and unfunny joke.