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Friday, March 24, 2006

Salon responds to blogger's plagiarism

In two stories, here and here, Salon discusses the WaPo's hiring of reactionary blogger Ben Domenech. In his weekly column, Joe Conason also discusses the issue here. More specifically, the revelation since then that the had a habit of lifting paragraphs from Salon's articles as a writer for his college paper (now posting disclaimers on his work for them), and for swiping the work of others and apparently fabricating a quote while working for National Review and on his former blog.

When Jayson Blair was nailed for making stuff up at the New York Times, young Domenech was outraged: "I do feel that no quarter should be given to his vile lies." But when it comes to his own falsehoods, Domenech claims that he's the real victim here-- of at least one unscrupulous editor. Considering that the questionable work also appeared in National Review and New York Press, it must be quite a conspiracy.

On the positive side, some right-wing talking heads are going on the record saying Domenech should go. Even Michelle Malkin, who has worked with him in the past and isn't exactly known for her committment to the facts. But it's all about self-preservation, and the longer Domenech stays with the WaPo, the worse the Malkins of the world look.