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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bummer, man. How 'bout some of that GOOD news?

Right-wing talkers are getting all aggressive again about how the media is to blame for people turning against the Iraq war. Maybe it's because stories like this aren't titled "Iraqi government projects big savings on future healthcare costs." Or maybe "US not target of latest wave of Iraqi violence."

At least 56 Iraqis died Thursday in violence, including a car bombing that killed 25 people in the third major attack on a police lockup in three days

A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives at the entrance to the Interior Ministry Major Crimes unit in Baghdad's central Karradah district, killing 10 civilians and 15 policemen employed there, authorities said.

The Interior Ministry is a predominantly Shiite organization and heavily infiltrated by members of various Shiite militias. The unit targeted Thursday investigates large-scale crimes and has about 20 suspected insurgents in custody, police Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammadawi said.

One of the most appalling instances of righties defending Fearless Leader during his propaganda tour was Laura Ingraham appearing on the Today Show talking about lazy reporters phoning in with whatever doom and gloom they happened to catch wind of-- from their hotel balconies. Regrettably, the host didn't remind her that more journalists have died in Iraq than in Vietnam.