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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WaPo hires 'fair and balanced' blogger-- with all that implies.

This story has been everywhere on the blogs starting yesterday afternoon, so I'd be remiss in letting it pass. And this DailyKos article seems to have the most information and least snark per paragraph-- not that snark is unwarranted.

In a nutshell (emphasis on the nut): the Washington Post has decided to hire a 24 year-old College Republican-- and self-proclaimed 'youngest Bush appointee'-- to write a blog for their website. With all that implies. As an experiences blogger, their new writer has a distinguished journalistic career, even at his tender age. He was even a speechwriter for Texas Senator John "violence against judges is understandable" Cornyn.

And yes, the new WaPo blogger is a reactionary cheerleader in the Coulter/Limbaugh mold. Some of his well-reasoned and insightful political views are that Coretta Scott King was a communist, Red Dawn is one of the awesomest movies ever, questioning the Catholic Church's opposition to the death penalty demonstrates profound spiritual wisdom, and those who claimed that there are no ties between Saddam and Al Qaeda are kidding themselves.

As mind-bending as the WaPo's decision is, I'd like to see a bit less attention paid to it by the blogs. It might be another pathetic failure on the part of the mainstream press, but when you think about it, a right-wing hack getting a cushy job to "catapult the propaganda" isn't exactly news these days.