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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Katherine Harris is ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille

TPM has links to two articles from this weekend on the latest developments in Harris' ill-starred senatorial campaign. Earlier this week, Harris went on Hannity & Colmes to breathlessly announce that she was committed to spending every penny of her $10 million estate to win this contest. She later 'qualified' her statement by saying she would do no such thing.

Yesterday, it was reported that several of her must trusted campaign advisors were about to call it quits and that Harris was ready to pin her hopes on the fundamentalist vote:

As Katherine Harris' rocky Senate campaign takes an increasingly evangelical Christian bent, her remaining top campaign staffers are preparing to jump ship.

Colleagues say Harris' closest confidante lately appears to be spiritual adviser Dale Burroughs, founder of the Biblical Heritage Institute in Bradenton. (. . .)

Burroughs has been advising Harris for years, but lately has had a more prominent role as Harris stopped listening to other campaign advisers. Burroughs said she has little role in the campaign beyond helping reach out to religious voters and is merely a Bible study partner and close friend.

An article appearing today has Harris denying the allegations, yet apparently unsure which advisors are still working for her:

Appearing at a gun show in Orlando, Harris said that Adam Goodman, her longtime media consultant, had told the St. Petersburg Times that he and chief strategist Ed Rollins were leaving the campaign.

The story, Harris said, was wrong.

"Ed is not leaving my campaign," the Longboat Key Republican said. "Ed Rollins is very committed to my campaign."

The two-term congresswoman, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, then accused Goodman of spreading the story.

"That article basically came from Adam," Harris said, "and it was not accurate."

Asked whether Goodman was still with the campaign, she said: "He is, is, uh . . . heh . . . no comment."

Maybe Harris just needs an advisor who will have a stabilizing effect on her life. Like Courtney Love.