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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Can such things be?

Several shocking items have come out today, so I'll just list 'em.

1. Treasury Secretary John Snow stood to make a bundle by selling port management to another government. According to the Majority Report, $33 million. And he only scored that amount if management changed hands within a set amount of time. The Carlyle Group and Neil Bush are also involved in cutting deals with the UAE.

2. The Falafel King, Bill O'Reilly, actually said on the air that we should get our troops out of Iraq "as fast as humanly possible." Just a few months ago, he was comparing war critics to Nazis.

Okay, so the first one isn't really shocking. Except in the sense that the mainstream press is actually picking up the story. That's very bad news for BushCo, and as I've said before this story just isn't going to wash with the angry Republican base.

There's another interesting angle on the port story that's developing. It isn't going to be used by the Hannitys and Limbaughs out there, and you'll see why. One defense of the transaction is that it would be "racist" to deny the UAE the right to manage reports. Of course, the GOP regularly relies on racism to get out the vote, and it's lily-livered liberals who are supposed to be dangerously naive when it comes to race. Not to mention that the race issue is a complete straw man-- this isn't about skin color, but security issues surrounding control of US ports by a government that has clearly supported terrorism in the past.

(Ambrose Bierce reference in the title, there. He's a favorite of mine.)